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MxPx/Arthur Fans' Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in MxPx/Arthur Fans' LiveJournal:

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
9:05 pm
Here's an interview with MXPX that you might like:

Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
2:58 pm
Check out Episode 18 of DJ Rossstar on Idobi Radio this Wednesday, July 7th 2004 7-8pm EST. There will be live over the phone interviews with MXPX and Stole Your Woman. Full Minute of Mercury will be playing live in the studio. To ask questions to any of the bands during the interviews IM the screen name IdobiRStar. To listen live go to www.idobi.com/radio and for more information on the show itself check out www.djrossstar.com
Wednesday, January 21st, 2004
2:53 am
Mxpx fans in the states
Hey everyone,

I hardly ever read anything in this community so I thought I'd ask some questions.

I'm just curious to know about the airplay Mxpx receives in the U.S.A. I live in Canada, and have hardly ever seen them played. (even though I've requested them enough times) I saw the new video (everything sucks) once or twice, but other than that I've never seen one played.
So...I have two questions:

1) How often would you say you've seen a video of theirs played? (say in a week, a month, etc)


2) What would you say was their "breakthrough" video? (ex. I heard Responsibility was their biggest one)

I'm hoping to hear that you guys see more of them then we do!

Thanks for any replies. :)

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, December 6th, 2003
7:46 am
yo shows coming up!
anyone near indianapolis, IN ? check below cut for some good live xian bands!

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also we are scheduled to play the Emerson Theater the 17th of January, check the website http://www.NeverendingRejection.com or http://www.EmersonTheater.com (schedule) for more details!
Friday, August 29th, 2003
12:13 pm
MxPx is so on the cover of the next Alternative Press... but so are the Starting Line. I was lucky enough to get mine in the mail with MxPx on the cover.

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, June 29th, 2003
12:22 pm
Yeah i havnt posted in awhile. Got dumped so i figured id take some pics.

more behind the cut
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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
2:09 pm
2 more days
if any of you are interested, i'm unloading some old MxPx posters on ebay (one of them autographed by mike back in the mid 90's)...and some other stuff.... heres a link to the poster auction: here

p.s. - sorry for the cross-posting
Monday, May 5th, 2003
9:54 pm
uhmm hi.
i am looking for a couple of arthur songs..
1. friday april 6th &
2. self evaluation

uhmm if any of you guys have them on disc or on your harddirve and would like to send them to me i would really appreciate it. i have been searching on kazaa and there are only a few people that have a couple of songs, and i can't even fully download them for some reason.
k thanks <3

Current Mood: needy
Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
6:26 am
been awhile since i posted anything so heres a lil series taken today. i really hope this ljcut thing works if not. sorry?

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Sunday, March 23rd, 2003
10:53 pm
hey all you arthur fans in washington state. Arthur is playing next sunday(the 30th) at Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma for $7 and starts at 5pm and is all ages.

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, January 26th, 2003
10:00 pm
Did anyone else see MxPx in the Diet Pepsi commercial with the dad and son in the moshpit at a MxPx show?!

That was so cool!

:D :D :D

Current Mood: tired
Monday, November 18th, 2002
3:27 pm
MxPx Fans....
Check out this Jones' Soda Label...
Give it a ten!! let's have an MxPx label!!!
Friday, August 30th, 2002
8:33 pm
Can anyone either email me or reply with the link to the picture of Mike and Tom kissing? I think it is so dear, but I cannot find it on the internet at all!!!

Thanks for your help =)

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, August 14th, 2002
8:56 am

for the rest from this series go to : http://www.fotki.com/l2ico and enter the digicam folder..

dont klik
Friday, August 9th, 2002
4:34 pm
Check it.

It's that simple.

/* jackola */
Friday, August 2nd, 2002
11:36 am

It's an old picture but I love it.
10:22 am
buy me something for my birthday.

My wishlist

My birthday is in 5 days. If ur rich or just want to waste money. Buy me something from my wish list. That would be rad. Anyways check out other pics at: http://www.fotki.com/l2ico

let me know what you think....
Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
12:27 pm
For all of you that like Something Corporate!
I have a Something Corporate Community, here


join us!
Monday, July 8th, 2002
12:28 am
Just a warning
There's a virus being e-mailed to LJ users and it looks like this:

Dear LiveJournal user,

We have recently noticed that you haven't updated your LiveJournal in
awhile. If you would like to keep your LiveJournal account, you must sign in
within the next 24 hours.

You may sign in at: {link removed}

Failure to sign in within the next 24 hours will result in account termination.

Saturday, July 6th, 2002
6:59 pm
why hi, i just saw mxpx at warped today, <3 very good i must say ;D mike is always amazing, im new to this place by the way, so hello ha

Current Mood: dorky
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